EXTRA NEWS: GONG #Marmo+Mac & The City 2017#

Code: 21-10-2017
GONG #Marmo+Mac & The City 2017#


continues the journey of # Marble + Mac and The City # 2017 #

✨ It is a tribute to Verona, where even today the ancient instrument

he reports to the arena public, the imminent beginning of the opera ✨

Curiosity: Maurice Ravel included a gong in the score of his famous Bolero of 1928


<In its specific merit, Gong of Light is a decorative object, a maxi-lamp that can create harmonies and modulation with light and enhance the translucency characteristics of the stone.


Originally, the gong (鑼, 锣, luo) is a tool dating back more than 4,000 years ago, although the discoveries made him recognize as an instrument originally in ancient China it is said that the first Gong, found to be built in large stone were found among archaeological excavations in an ancient Greece. In fact, they were discovered with leather-covered bollards, which refer to the contemporary use of the flippers used to play it and attach to interstitial structures that kept them suspended in the void. In Chinese culture it was generally used as an accompaniment to ethnic orchestras, but also in parties, dances, songs, ballads. The most divergent reason is that always in this Chinese culture its accompanying motif was a mask for its true use, that is, internal meditation and stabilization of body energy points. Some ancient believers tell it as a tool used for the total relaxation of the soul. The men and women who were discovered to meditate through Gong were being tortured and tortured because the early times were to be only a privilege of the King. In ancient Chinese competitions, in the lion's dance, and in an excellent harvest, the Gong was used as a signal for a benefit, a beneficial tool for a period of positivity, and this relates to the point where it was used for meditation in which, at the same time, our time is used for this.



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