CINQUEEMME Cod. 18-22 block tilter

CINQUEEMME Cod. 18-22 block tilter

Block tilter machine used, block tilting oleodinamic machine to tilt big dimensions blocks, thanks to the action of hydraulic cylinders to ensure ease of operation and safety of use. The tilting is controlled by a mobile push-button panel. Mod. CINQUEEMME Cod. 18-22



Year: 1997

Technical data:
Motor power: 5,5hp
Lift capacity: 40 ton.
Oil pump: 15,5 lt/min
Telescopic pistons: 90bar 40ton.
Tilting time: 120sec.
Voltage – 400v/50hz
Weight of machine: 3,3ton.
Dimensions: 3.600 x 1.270 x h2.500 mm.

Conditions: working, good conditions
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