LEVI TUNISI LT 4D-200 Cod. 05-13

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LEVI TUNISI LT 4D-200 Cod. 05-13


Horizontal splitting machine for marble pieces tile and strips max. split 200mm. wide disks n.4


Model: LT 4D-200

Year: 2000

Technical data:
Disc motor power each – kw 11
Adjustable speed motor power – kw 0,37
Disc diameter – mm. 350 hole mm.50
Working width min. mm. 50 max mm. 200
working thickness min. mm. 15 max mm. 53
Total installed power – kw 36,5
adjustable speed motor power – mt/min. 0+5,2

Conditions: Good conditions
N.B. the second hand machine is understood available except the sold

Price: € 9.500,00