Nuova Omec PLC/500 mod.270 cod.42-20 arm milling machine

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Nuova Omec PLC/500 mod.270 cod.42-20 arm milling machine

Arm milling used machine electric, monolithic structure, universal saw for marble and granite cast iron structure with tilting head 0 – 45° and automatic horizontal movement of the banch, covered slides in oil bath. Automatic Shaping machine Mod. Nuova Omec PLC/500 Mod. 270 Cod. 42-20


Model:  PLC/500 MOD. 270

Year: 2001

Technical data:

Lunghezza banco m. Bench lenght mts. 2,70
Larghezza banco con mensole m. Bench with extension brakets mts. 1,60
Lunghezza guide m. Slides’ lenght mts. 5,00
Corsa max. banco m. Max. bench stroke mts. 3,30
Corsa trasversale mandrino m. Spindle horizontal stroke mts 0,90
Corsa verticale mandrino m. Spindle vertical stroke mts. 0,47
Diametro max. disco m. Disc max diameter mts. 0,500
Diametro albero disco mm. Disc shaft diameter mms. 50
Motore mandrino HP. Spindle motor power HP. 15
Peso netto della macchina Kg. Net weight of machine Kg. 4.050

Conditions: Good conditions
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N.B. technical data are simply indicative.

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